Friday, July 1, 2011

Change Is Coming to The NeoSoul Lifestyle!

Those of y'all who have gotten to know me a bit realize that I am all about creating newness in your life....thereby the create of The NeoSoul Lifestyle.  I often read books, blogs, magazines, and ear hustle to learn about people and their navigation through life.  And, there is a lot of advice out there....yet sometimes I wonder "Is the author really living the words?"  So that is why I like to share my experiences with you. I want folks to see my twist and turns to as I apply my theories and evolve.

So what have I been up to lately?  An unexpected  gentleman has put a sparkle in my eyes. I'm taking things slow and enjoying the simple pleasures of getting to know each other. I've been inspired by my friend Najeema (you can find her on Twitter @OriginalNajeema and check out her blog ) to begin biking to work!  I never thought that I would be one of those folks! Yet, I tried it and I'm enjoying it.  I still have a few kinks to work out in my system, but more about that in another blog post.  Leticia, my friend and business partner of Organic Fusion, has really exploded on her blog journey and has motivated to reignite my flame. You can check her @ChasingSoul on Twitter and her blog ( .  My friend Tamara has also enlightened me on taking the leap into entrepreneurship.  She and I both did our "9 to 5" as HR profressionals, yet created and lived social media alter egos.  So when life gave her the opportunity to live her passion...she did and created Ms. Rasberry Consulting LLC .  You can also catch her on Twitter @MsRasberryInc .

In the spirit of newness, I will be making some changes to the blog in July.  I won't spoil the surprise...but a few include a new site and a lot more coverage of my favorite creative expressions (music, food, & travel...the essence of MY NeoSoul Lifestyle) and a refresh of the lifestyle experiments.

I'm looking forward to creating new experiences to connect with you! Stay tuned....

...Livin' NeoSoul Style

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

June Experiment

Wow! It's June....we are in the mid-point of the year.  How are things going? Is your life the way (or heading in the direction) you envisioned it? Has unexepected joy or obstacles come into your life?  Has your life perspective changed? Do you remember your vision?

This month I thought we would take a different approach to our lifestyle experiment and reset and/or affirm the process of changing our lifestyles.  So, you know that it is my hope that each of you would create your own NeoSoul Lifestyle, and I thought that his quick writing exercise may help you design it.  I'll share mine with you...

1.  Create An Introductory Statement Describing Why You Are Creating A NeoSoul Lifestyle

"Creating my NeoSoul Lifestyle is the process of transitioning my lifestyle built primarily on obligations, social/familial pressures, mediocrity, monotony.  Yes I have a good life", I've acheived successes and overcome obstacles. Yet, I am seeking holistic fulfillment, particularly through creative expression."

2.  Use The Experiment Elements To Plan Your Change Process

"In order to create my NeoSoul Lifestyle I will need to DETOXIFY my life of accepting disorderliness (specifically paperwork), and procrastination.  These two things impact several areas of my life and by focusing on eliminating them I'll re-purpose the energy that is being used on resolving the problems caused by accepting disorder and procrastination in my life."

I will RESTORE a mindset of discipline without ridgidity. I will put this mindset into action into two (2) specific areas in my and wealth.  Focus in these areas will be continuous by creating FLOW through simple practical actions:
  • Bicycling to work 3xs per week
  • Decreasing dining out
  • Updating Quicken weekly

I believe that my spirit will be relieved by this process and I will be more capable of creating positive KARMA in a more impactful way. I enjoy random acts of kindness, but I would like to channel some value into a more developed initiative.

So there it is...this is the place that I am in.  What about you? What do you need to detox? Restore? What actions should you take to create a positive flow in your life? How can you be of more value to other by creating Karma?

The challenge this month...pause and write your NeoSoul Lifestyle mantra.  Let me know if you need more ideas. And if you feel comfortable, please share your thoughts!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Music - Shout Out To My Hometown!

I love songs that shout out my hometown...MOTOWN!  Something about hearing your city in the lyrics just makes you want to crank the volume up!  Or is it just me?  What is your favorite "Hometown" song?

Here are two (2) of my favorites!

"Hello Detroit" ~ Sammy Davis Jr.

"Detroit Girl" ~ Raphael Saadiq

Saturday, May 14, 2011

My Life Rhythm ~ "Feeling Old?"

Today I went back to my yoga practice.  Let me just say, there is nothing like the practice of yoga to bring you back to the reality of the condition of your body.  No makeup, no spanx, no stilettos...none of the things I use to enhance my look & body image.  With yoga its just me, my body, breath, and mind.  And as the class started I began to feel old, not because of my age because there were plenty of people older than me in the class.  I felt old because movements that I previously did without thinking were almost impossible. 

Now in yoga practice, you are to breathe and honor your body while opening it up to more possibilities. In doing so, your mind becomes clear and for me I experience inner honesty.  In that moment, the truth could not be ignored...I had allowed by body to age beyond its natural years.  Inconsistent sleep, diet, exercise, and stress levels had brought me to this point.

Thankfully, I still honored myself for coming to class and committed to continue and do my best. And as I flowed, my body released and responded to my thoughts.  I was able to do more poses and found myself smiling sometimes in between breaths.

After class I walked home and thought...."What is old?  Had I created a lifestyle that would prematurely age me?"  I reflected on how much of a change my transition from the DC suburbs to Toronto urban lifestyle.  It was a bit of a shock. I wanted the change, and I simply thought it would be easier.  But it wasn't...a smaller living space, walking everywhere, public transportation, eco-living and more.  I felt old trying to find my rhythm in my new world. 

Yes...I had let a few elements of my life get a bit rusty.  So I am in a place of evolution. Thankful for aging because it means that I have the gift of life.  Now, I'm reviving a youthful spirit and focused on creating my NeoSoul Lifestyle. A lifestyle of experiencing the things I love more, friends, travel, music, & food! And having the physical, mental, and emotional strength and stamina to experience it all!

Have you ever felt like your lifestyle is aging you?  

Let's take a message from the lyrics of Rod Stewart....

~Living NeoSoul Style

Monday, May 9, 2011

The Power of a Morning Experience

Now that the May lifestyle experiment is over (just in case you missed it, May Experiment ) , I always try to challenge myself to sustain some elements of the experiment.  For the rest of this month, I'm going to focus on creating a morning experience.  Let me be clear...I AM NOT A MORNING PERSON.  In the past I had convinced myself that my mornings didn't need to be revamped because I always "made things happen". Yet, I am now more understanding of the importance of starting your day off right. I began to admire the people that seemed to get more done by noon than I did by 6pm. I became even more motivated to change when I read the book "The Power of Less" which also affirmed a lifestyle of quality morning time. (take a peek at this blog post from the author Leo Babauta 10 Benefits of Rising Early... ) Having a positive morning experience creates momentum for the day, and prepares you for the things that may no go so well (both expected, and especially unexpected).

When my lifestyle is off balance my morning kinda looks like this...
  • Wake up late
  • Shower
  • Panic over having "nothing to wear"
  • No breakfast
  • Look for my keys
  • Get almost to my car and realize I forgot something
  • Go back in my place, find the forgotten item, and sigh at the mess I created while rushing
  • Get in the car and tell myself "I've got to do better"
  • Grab a caffeine fix and snack out of the vending machine at work
  • Spend the rest of the day trying to get myself back on track
When I think about creating my morning experience (especially during the work week) there are several things that I'd like it to include:
  • Music
  • Healthy Breakfast
  • Meditation
  • Exercise
  • Prepared Wardrobe (accessories included)
It sounds so simple, but for me it has been a struggle. Yet, I am committed to this change because I believe that it will completely refresh my NeoSoul Lifestyle.  I've already done a few things to get things moving in the positve direction! I bought a closet valet to put my wardrobe on, created a morning playlist, and got a healthy cookbook for breakfast ideas.  Also, I'm still working on going to bed by 10:30pm so that I can wake up to have time to pray and exercise.

So my goal is a wake up time range of 5:30am-6am, and be out the door by 8:15am.  That's almost 2.5-3 hours daily! 15 hours during the work week!  Time to invest in my well being. 

Have I motivated you to create your own NeoSoul Lifestyle Morning?  I hope so! And please...don't be limited by my morning experience.  Create your own to enhance YOUR life.... surely there are plenty of other things to consider....
  • Listen to motivational audio books
  • Yoga
  • Get some fresh air and take a walk or run
  • Too tired for sex at the end of the day, why not start the day with it!
  • Tickle your senses with an aromatherapy shower
Do you have a quality morning experience? Please share your insights!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

May Experiment

It's May! Can you believe it?! We are almost at the midpoint  of 2011!  What plans did you have for this year?  Are you on course and ready to turn things up a bit? Have you gotten off track? Didn't have any plans?  Whatever phase you are in, I hope that this month's experiment will spark some clarity in your mind by bringing some newness into your lifestyle.

Let's begin creating YOUR NeoSoul Lifestyle!   You'll find that while designing the experiment this month I've continued to mix old and new exercises to help you sustain the practices your previously developed and explore new ones too!  Here's our May experiment...

DETOXIFICATION - In this component of the experiment we practice behaviors to cleanse our life.  I always like to have a water element as a part of this process!

  • Make a glass of water your FIRST drink of the day and drink a glass with every meal
  • Select one (1) day to ONLY drink water
  • Turn off your computer, tv, and phone OFF one (1) hour before you go to bed
  • Select one (1) day to not watch tv

RESTORATION - Now that we have cleansed a bit, we now have room to restore something in our lives. And yes...I'm still keeping sleep as a part of the experiment :)  We will also take some time this month to take invest in ourselves and things that are still able to be utilized, yet we have neglected to take care of so that they can operate at their full potential. 

  • Get 7-8 hours of sleep each night
  • Make appointments for any medical exams that are overdue
  • Is there someTHING in your home not working in its purpose because it simply needs repair?  All things in your possession should be performing their purpose or purged! So identify one (1) object and get it fixed! 

FLOW - This is the part that most folks like to jump to because we sometimes just want to move forward.  I must re-affirm how important it is to ensure that you commit to all elements of the experiment.  I don't want your FLOW to be interrupted by the entaglements of things that needed to be DETOXED, and we need the RESTORED things to give our FLOW power! Get it?

  • Create a breakfast time experience....this means NO drive-thru fast food, NO eating at your desk, NO eating in front of the TV! Instead try new options like a new restaurant you've heard about, surprise your child at school, make a date with a special someone, find a place to listen to your favorite tunes or read a LEISURE book. For some, actually having breakfast will be new in itself!
  • Create a morning ritual. I encourage you to create something that will not only make your mornings more efficient and less stressful...but also more enjoyable

KARMA- As we live in this world and take better care of ourselves we are able to give to others. Simple and plain. NUFF SAID!!!

  • Give a compliment to a stranger (I can't tell you how many times this simple act has brightened my day!)
  • Ask for forgiveness. Do you owe someone an apology? Start the healing process.  Be cautioned that you can't force someone to forgive you, that is their decision. Yet you can start your healing by acknowleding your mistake and speaking the words in sincerity

So there it (7) days to invest in your life (5/1-5/7).  Simple, practical, and meaningful.  I'll be sharing my story (I call it my "Life Rhythm"...I LOVE music), so you can know that I'm walking this past with you and not just putting words into the universe.

I hope you'll share your some of your experience too! 
You have lots of options:
  1. Leave comments on the blog
  2. Tweet me @NeoSoulCEO & use hashtag #NeoSoulXp
  3. Join the NeoSoul Lifestyle Experience Facebook Fanpage

 ~ Living NeoSoul Style

Monday, April 25, 2011

Project Playlist - Traffic Jams!

Whether it is by car, cab, bus, or train…when we have somewhere to go we just want to get there with no delay! There are so many things we could choose to do on our daily commutes like actually enjoy a beverage instead of just gulping it down, have a light-hearted conversation, read a leisure book, write in a journal, or meditate. Yet most of us don’t even attempt to make our commutes more enjoyable. Efficient maybe, but enjoyable? Probably not.

Have you ever taken a moment to really look at the faces of the people around you during your daily commute? So many scowling faces, looks of boredom, and random acts of anger too!

How much time do you spend on your roundtrip daily commute? 30 minutes? An hour? Wouldn’t it be worth it to make the time more pleasant?

As for me, I drive to work. From time to time I’ve seen a few fellow drivers on the road having their own private concert in the car oblivious to the nearby onlookers who maybe snickering or looking at them like they are crazy. Secretly I’ve longed to be that person, and I think the right playlist may be just what I need to make it happen.

So, let’s create the ultimate Traffic Jams Playlist that will get us all grooving as we get to where we have to go! If you see my jamming in my car…HONK!

Here’s a song that I think should make the playlist….”whatcha know about this”?

~Living NeoSoul Style

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Project Playlist ~ Morning Inspiration

I finally bought my iPod Touch, and to quote Conya Doss "I'll never be the same" (Blu Transition album).  Some people are movie or TV buffs, I like them too...but there is nothing like music.  In my lifestyle, music keeps me in a rhythmic flow whereas movie and TV have a tendency to draw me in and decrease my productivity.  Not music! My days are better when I wake up to it instead of listening to a depressing news story. Traffic is less stressful, work isn't as dull, housecleaning isn't such torture.  And less not forget how music enhances a romantic evening, a spades game, and cookout!

I'm so excited to get my playlists started! So, I'm starting Project Playlist!  Each week I'll be creating a new playlist and invite you to share music with me that should be added to the playlist.  To start things off, the first playlist is called Morning Insipration. This playlist is designed to get my morning off to a state of feeling blessed, calm, hopeful, and thankful for a new day. 

When I thought of this song, I immediately thought of  Fred Hammond's "Blessed".  This song is iconic!  Can't wait to see what your suggestions are!

~Living NeoSoul Style

Sunday, April 10, 2011

My Life Rhythm: A Fresh Start

Ahhh....SPRING! The season of re-birth!  During this transitional season many of us do Spring cleaning in our homes, restart abandoned New Years resolutions to lose weight to get ready for summer wardrobes, and become more active with more hours of daylight finally awakening from the hibernation of Winter.

I love this time of year. It reminds me to create or re-ignite self care rituals in my life.  I have proclaimed this year as my breakthrough...focusing on health, wealth, and happiness.  To be more specific, I have decided to really work on the things to stop making repititive mistakes in my life. Some big, some small....either way as the grown folks say "I know better, so I should do better!"

I am a visionary. I THINK BIG! Yet, I realized that I need to bring things back to basics to experience my breakthrough. So, I'm keeping it simple...working one step at a time.

HEALTH Goal:  Lower cholesterol, prevent diabetes, and lose weight
  1. Schedule doctor appointments for all annual exams AND FOLLOW UP ON THEIR INSTRUCTIONS
  2. Exercise 4-5 times a week
WEALTH Goal:  Create a plan to maximize finances
  1. Organize all financial documents
  2. Use Quicken to plan financial portfolio
HAPPINESS Goal - Create Experiences!
  1. Use Groupon to try new things
  2. Take a week long destination vacation
Even while writing I am tempted to make this plan bigger, but I am going to resist. As I look at my goals again, I am assured that when I achieve them I will be very proud of myself...and the success will be a catalyst for the bigger pieces of my life vision.

~Living NeoSoul Style

Friday, April 8, 2011

April Reflections - Days 5-7

So during the last few days of the lifestyle experiment pretty much went like this...
  1. Wake up
  2. Sneeze
  3. Cough
  4. Take meds
  5. Drink tea, water, or gingerale
  6. Repeat
In between that cycle I sent a few emails, answered a couple calls, and picked up all of my used kleenex of the floor! Yuck!  Needless to say, my experiment didn't go as planned.  Yet I can say that during a few clear moments I was able to reflect on what was really important to me.  I thought about how many healthy days I haven't maximized to my potential. I can't get that time back....thankfully I BELIEVE that the best is yet to come.

Today, the day after the experiment I felt great! Still have a few symptoms...but I'm getting my groove back.  Oh and that reminds me....perhaps I had another Aha moment! I slept A LOT during my battle with the flu and I was amazed at how refreshed I felt now that I've almost fully recovered.  I think a part of me just needed to shut down for a little while too, my body was responding the stress I put it under. I realized that I often wait until I'm absolutely burnt out or things have gotten so chaotic before I take a break, and that's not healthy....its escapism.  And so I also decided to plan a vacation. I haven't taken a full week long destination vacation in years!  I'm so excited to plan my adventure!

Next, I will still work on the elements of the experiment, and of course along the way I'll be creating my NeoSoul Lifestyle!

Monday, April 4, 2011

April Reflections - Day 4

I am completely overcome by the flu!  My sleep lacks quality as the symptoms and thoughts of what I should be doing run through my head.  I've heard the saying before "you health is your wealth"...ain't that the truth. This time has refreshed my memory that I should do what I can when I can...nobody knows what tomorrow will bring, right?! I know I certainly didn't anticipate being sick. Yes indeed, we need to make the most of what we have in life.

~ Living NeoSoul Style

Sunday, April 3, 2011

April Reflections - Day 3

Sunday...the day of rest and now REFLECTION too.  I've been off track with the flu, mostly sleeping and drinking gingerale :(  While being sick inside I watched a few movie (of course in between naps) and frankly a few of them made me sad. I realized the importance of creating the right environment for it can seriously affect my mood.  I'll be taking some more time to review my NeoSoul Lifestyle vision tonight.  Honestly, it makes me a little nervous....this is going to take some work! These simple changes are tough! Yet, its worth it to go through this process to create the life I envision.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

April Reflections - Day 2

Its the weekend! I usually take this time to "get things back in order" because during the work my primary focus is work (I plan to change that too). I'm particularly looking forward to the FLOW component of the experiment!

To keep our energy's a little inspirational clip from Will Smith:

Friday, April 1, 2011

NeoSoul Lifestyle Experience: April Experiment - Day 1 Reflections

NeoSoul Lifestyle Experience: April Experiment - Day 1 Reflections: "So today we begin our lifestyle experiment! Looking forward to share my reflections with you and I hope you'll do the same. Many of you know..."

April Experiment - Day 1 Reflections

So today we begin our lifestyle experiment! Looking forward to share my reflections with you and I hope you'll do the same. Many of you know that the evolution of my NeoSoul Lifestyle is about creative expression through travel, food, and MUSIC! Here's a little something to get you of my favorites!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

April Experiment

As a quick refresher, the monthly experiments are designed to empower you to take simple and practical steps to create your own NeoSoul Lifestyle...a life that honors your soul. Every month the experiment takes place the 1st through the 7th. It is my hope that by starting these exercises it will trigger you to SUSTAIN many of the practices throughout the month and beyond!

So, let's begin! Here's our April experiment...

DETOXIFICATION - In this component of the experiment we practice behaviors to cleanse our life. I always like to have a water element as a part of this process!
  • Make a glass of water your FIRST drink of the day and drink a glass with every meal
  • Turn off your computer, tv, and phone OFF one (1) hour before you go to bed 
RESTORATION - Now that we have cleansed a bit, we now have room to restore something in our lives. And yes...I'm still keeping sleep as a part of the experiment :)
  • Get 7-8 hours of sleep each night
  • Reflect on a positive habit/hobby that you have let go of and think of a way to bring it back in your life then DO IT!
FLOW - So we've detoxed the negative and restored the positive! Next is to create some new energy into your NeoSoul Lifestyle.  
  • Yes you guessed it...keeping one of the previous exercises. Reflect on how your year is going so far. Are you on the path you visioned for yourself? Have you forgotten the plan? Does it need to be remixed? Does thinking about planning your life for the rest of the year give you a headache? Try planning the Spring season! Or just this month!
  • Create a lunch time experience....this means NO drive-thru fast food, NO eating at your desk, NO eating in front of the TV! Instead try new options like a new restaurant you've heard about, surprise your child at school, make a date with a special someone, find a place to listen to your favorite tunes or read a LEISURE book.
KARMA- As we live in this world and take better care of ourselves we are able to give to others. Simple and plain.
  • Give a compliment to a stranger (I can't tell you how many times this simple act has brightened my day!)
  • Send a "Thinking of You" package to someone that you haven't connected with (not including Facebook or Twitter) in a while. Send a card, a small "favorite" of theirs (candy, flower, CD, or gift card) and then set up a Skype session to get back in touch may want to send them a webcam as a gift if he/she doesn't have one :) ***You may want to do this exercise less than everyday...just make sure it is sincere and meaningful***
So, I hope you are ready and motivated! You can do this, and frankly...YOU DESERVE IT! The optimal experience of the experiment is to do each of the lifestyle element exercises DAILY April 1-7.  But as Rev. Run says "Do your best, and forget the rest!"

And as always...I would love for this to be an interactive experience, so share your thoughts along the way! 

You can also chat with me via Twitter @NeoLifeCEO and use the #NeoSoulXp hashtag!

~Living NeoSoul Style

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Music: Anthony David

To put it simply..."I love me some Anthony David!"  His soulful and slightly raspy voice simultaneously soothes and stimulates your mind and spirit as you listen to his music.  I can't remember how I got introduced to his music, but its been on heavy rotation ever since I found out about him.  I haven't seen him perform live YET, but I regularly check his tour schedule on his website (Anthony David)  because if he doesn't come to Toronto...I WILL be planning a trip around one of his performance dates!

Until recently my favorite song was "Stop Playin'" from the Acey Duecy album.  By the way if you haven't gotten the album yet, get it!  My new favorite is 4EverMore from his soon to be released (3/22) album "As above, So below" And I absolutely love the video (but I must admit I am so jealous of Algebra Blesset who plays Anthony's wife and is featured on the song along with Phonte)!  Look closely and you'll see cameo appearances from India.Arie and Eric Roberson too.

Let me know what you think!

....Livin' NeoSoul Style

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Music - Zo!

I love a song that makes me smile, think of a special memory, and dance a Detroit-style 2 step! I'm feeling this groove...what do y'all think?

Music: Conya Doss

You can't live the NeoSoul Lifestyle without incorporating music into almost every aspect of it! Check out this new video from Conya Doss, the song is "WiFi" from her 5th album Blu Transition. So, are we feeling it y'all?  I'm loving the social media spin in the lyrics!

Monday, February 28, 2011

NeoSoul Lifestyle Experiment - Plan (March)

Meant to get this out earlier...but let's just say flight turbulence and a screaming child were just two elements of a night full of surprises!

So, let's begin! Here's our experiment...

Detoxification - This is one of my favorites! Drink 1/2 of your body weight in ounces. Let's purify our bodies!

Restoration - Get 7-8 hours of sleep

Flow - 30 minutes of quiet time, a nap doesn't count! You must be awake to experience the time! Meditate, listen to soothing music, journal, and/or pray.

Karma - Give a compliment to a stranger

Now remember....the goal is to do each of the lifestyle elements EACH DAY of the experiment (March 1st - 7th). Seems simple right? Give it your best, and share your thoughts along the way!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

NeoSoul Lifestyle Experiment (Finally...It's Back!)

Its been a long time since I hosted my monthly NeoSoul Lifestyle Experiment...and I realize that its what I miss about blogging the most! The NeoSoul Lifestyle is about evolving and experiencing your life in a new way. As for me, the catalyst for my lifesytle evolution is creative expression. To experience life through my music, travel, art, & food.

If you are new to the monthly NeoSoul Lifestyle Experiment, here's a quick refresher:

The first seven days of the month we take some time to "recover" our lives through simple, yet practical actions, within four key elements; Detoxification, Restoration, Flow, and Karma. As a new twist for 2011, I'll be simplifying each element to 1-2 actions and then we'll layer new actions each month. I'm hoping this will help folks to fully engage in the experiment.

So, more about the four lifestyle elements...
DETOXIFICATION - Defined as a process by which the body/mind/spirit is allowed to free itself. The goal of detoxification is to release and/or neutralize toxins so that the body can heal itself after some type of dependency. Within this element we will remove things from our lifestyle that are inhibiting us from evolving.

RESTORATION - Defined as an act of restoring to an improved condition; a reconstruction of an original form. In contrast to detoxification, we will restore things in our lives that enable us to live the lifestyles we envision.

FLOW - Defined as the ability to move or run smoothly with unbroken continuity, as in the manner characteristic of a fluid; To proceed steadily and easily; To arise. Now THIS is truly the essence of The NeoSoul Lifestyle! What more needs to be said?

Karma - Known as a "deed" or "act" and more broadly names the universal principle of cause and effect, action and reaction, that governs all life. We will utilize this element knowing that we live together in this world interdependently. So, after we detox, restore, and live in our flow...we then time to add positive synergy in our communities.

Monday evening I will be annonucing the plan for the March experiment. I hope you'll join me and share your insights. It is a wonderful opportunity for us to support one another. I am really looking forward to this as I have been on the go, go, GO! I need some time to recover and refresh. I also thought that this would be a great time for people to review their New Years resolutions...have they fizzled? Or are some of you already dreaming of Spring? The season of rebirth, maybe the NeoSoul Lifestyle
Experiment will give you a bit of a head start?!

Oh, one more can also share your comments about the experiments on Twitter using this hashtag => #NeoSoulXp

Here's to a great March, and the evolution of our NeoSoul Lifestyles!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Hair Salons...Queendoms or Temples of Doom?

Like most women I look forward to a fresh hairdo! Yet I must say...lately, I haven't found a salon that has given me that "DIVA" feeling. And to be quite honest, it annoys me! Now, to be fair...I can admit that I am VERY sensitive about my hair. I experienced unexplained hairline loss and have been quite traumatized by the ordeal. So when I go to a hair salon, I am anticipating indulging in a fulfilling experience that will soothe my anxiety. Is that too much to ask?

Yet, it seems that there is always SOMETHING lacking in each new salon I try! I have yet to find a salon that has ALL the things I am looking for. For example...a welcoming greeting, the offering of a beverage and light snack, excellent customer services, healthy hair practices, knowledge of new products and trends, versatile styling techniques, cleanliness, beautiful decor, appointment reminders, online booking, social media/website utilization.

It is so disheartening! it just me? Or do other women feel that we (particularly women of color) are being taken advantage of? Overbooking, leaving us under the dryer long than necessary to kill time, over-pricing for mediocore services, and EXTENSIVE WAITING!!! Yet, we continue to go back for more!! Where is the incentive for many of these hair salons to upgrade their business practices?

Now that I have relocated, I dread the experience of trying to find a new hair salon! So I have already decided to supplement my hair salon visits with more at-home care treatments. So I will be watching YouTube tutorials to brush up on my skills! Hmmm...and it will likely help out my budget too.

Yet still, as woman living "The Neo-Soul Lifestyle" can't do EVERYTHING herself! I can't go cold turkey on salon visits! So I would love for you all to share information about the hair salons you love in your city! Let's support those that are doing their best! And we'll have great resource list for those of us who travel quite a bit!

Let's groove while on this hair journey!

Friday, February 18, 2011

A Global Citizen

Let me start by saying, it feels so good to blog again! Quite a bit has happened in my life, and to sum it up nicely...I've moved to Toronto for a 1 year assignment! I'm looking forward to sharing the experience with you.

At first, I didn't allow myself to get too excited. For a little while I thought, "It's Canada, you've been there before (although its been years, the last time I visited you didn't need a passport) how different could it be from the U.S.?

Then I quickly realized that I need to FULLY experience this opportunity and be open to the possibilites of meeting new people with different values, new cuisines, and music. It is indeed a different is not like moving to a different county.

So there it is...I have become a global citizen. Did I ever think think I would be presented with this type of opportunity?! Actually, yes I did! It's funny...when I created my Twitter profile (@NeoLifeCEO) I wrote "Motown Roots, Global Living"...I am so thankful to be living the manifestation of those words.

If you have any places, people, and/or "beware" tips that you'd like to share with me....I'd love to hear them!