Monday, June 21, 2010

What is NeoSoul Alter Ego about?

As I continue on my journey as social media butterfly, I often meet folks and get the question "So, what is NeoSoul Alter Ego all about?" What I can tell you is that I BELIEVE that each of us has a NeoSoul Alter Ego. But let me tell you a little bit about how I become "aware" of mine.....

In general I am a reflective person, I take in what I experience in life and allow my mind to flow freely to inter-lace with my imagination, emotions, and logic. Yet there came a time when I wasn't satisfied solely with the reflective process. I was able to visualize the life I wanted, but wasn't CREATING it! I was performing to the roles, positions and/or siuations that my life required....instead of experiencing life through MY WHOLE SELF.

Somehow on my life journey, I had allowed myself to have an ON/OFF button for my public self and my FREE SELF (aka NeoSoul Alter Ego). It was like I was juggling the personalities of Murphy Brown (workaholic), Jill Scott (expressive spirit), and Joan Clayton (status quo lonely sista girl)! And I just could not live that way anymore.......My spirit was unsettled, and it was causing me physical pain, emotional numbness, and a overwhelming anxiety of the possible manifestation of my worst fear....A LIFE OF MEDIOCRITY!

I committed to myself that I would live the life I visualized (had even put it on a vision board!) and that I would no longer marginalize the true essence of myself in any area of my life. All of those personalities (and more) were a part of me, some good & bad...yet together they made me eccentric and unique! And I LOVE that! Whereas jumping in and out of the personalities "as my schedule permitted" was just like a person dancing totally off beat to the rhythm of my life.

So initially, my blog was a creative expression to share my experiences as I learned to allow my NeoSoul Alter Ego to emerge. Then as I began to share and meet with folks I found that there were others who also found their lives to be in some sort of a paralysis state, and wanted to engage and change.....and so my NeoSoul Alter Ego became an interactive experience called The NeoSoul Lifestyle! As a part of this lifestyle experiment, I invite folks to participate in things such as:

-Monthly Lifestyle Experiments
-1st Time Challenges
-Quick Change Pick-Me-Ups

As an evolving community,The NeoSoul Lifestyle empowers folks to individually and/or collectively:
-Seek soulful reflections
-Create a plan of change
-Enjoy the process of becoming
-Share the experiences

So are you thinking....."Is she some sort of new-age guru?" I hope not, because that isn't me at all. I am simply a person that wants to live life in a new and more fulfilling way.

So there it is.....a little insight into the NeoSoul Alter Ego!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

It's June - New Year's Resolution Check In!

As I was relaxing during an aromatherapy experience, I smiled to myself as I thought about a few of the NeoSoul Lifestyle changes that I had made in the past few days....and then it hit me! It's June! I'm already halfway into the year! Yikes! How much progress had I made towards my fact, what the heck were they? Oh, Lawd! I started to feel a wave of I re-centered myself and calmed my mind, and breathed deeply.

Now, as I write...I'm trying to recall just exactly what my resolutions were. Well, that's Mistake #1, I didn't write them down! So, now that I've acknowledged that mistake, I will change to manifest a different result.

So my resolutions for this year are:
-Have daily morning prayer
-Lose 30 pounds
-Use quicken weekly to manage my finances
-Become a blogger
-Have more fun

Hmmm....I LOVE MY RESOLUTIONS! They are simple and sustainable! If....I mean, WHEN I commit to them I know they will guide me into the next phase of my NeoSoul Lifestyle Remix!

So far, I've made a little progress with each of them....but its time to stop trying and START DOING. (De'ja Vu - This week I've read so many tweets, and had a discussion about the difference between trying & doing. Clearly my mind was being prepared for this very moment!) The small steps that I have made toward my resolutions so far have brought me some moments of happiness. Yet, now that I have re-dedicated myself to my resolutions....I am filled with hope and excitement about how this COMMITMENT WILL CHANGE MY LIFE!

I also know that I will experience some inner turmoil as well, as I will need to overcome and completely conquer my biggest adversary.....myself. I will need to renew my spirit daily, especially during challenging times. One thing I am certain of, I am no longer willing to live in mediocrity in the present or to sacrifice my future!

2010 - The first year of a new decade of my life! I know my best days are ahead of me. All that I have lost will be restored + an abundance more!

Tell me.....what were your 2010 resolutions? Have you done a mid-year check-in? What's next for you?

Friday, June 4, 2010

You Never Know From Where A Kind Word Will Come

Today, I was a little moody. Yes, I was feeling better....finally healing from a horrible string of colds/flu. I was feeling a little blah and figured that I would go and get my hair done as a pick-me-up! Ladies...I'm not the only one who does this, right?!

Anyway, the thing is that I have an insecurity about my hair. About five years ago I started to notice some hair loss. IT FREAKED ME OUT! At first, my stylist said, "Don't worry, it'll grow back"....I listened, but my hair didn't! So, I made the big decision to stop relaxing my hair....and went au natural! The transition wasn't as hard as I thought it would be, the most difficult part was getting my family used to it. But I digress.......

So I went into the hair salon today, looking a hot mess! And I was panic stricken! I was absolutely certain that I was noticing more hair loss! This was something I just did not want to face. I started to feel the tears in my eyes.....pure drama!

Thank goodness my hair stylist is kind. She reminded me that I needed to follow up w/a doctor to get to the root of the issue. And thank goodness one of the best in the country (Dr. Monte Harris) is right here in the DMV. So I made the appointment...yet still had to face the present state.....this hair thing was affecting my swagger! My psyche just could not take that!

So my stylist and I agreed to cut my hair some to even it out, and keep the styling simple with a twist out style. I was so relieved to be taking the right steps, but.....when I saw my finished hairdo, my heart sank. I didn't have the fresh out the salon glow that I was hoping for. This time, a few tears rolled down my face. I didn't want to make a scene in the salon, so I quickly pulled myself together and got out of there! Once I got in my car, all I could do was sit there! I felt betrayed by my hair. I felt like my beauty was being taken away from me one hair follicle at a time. I was horrified at the thought of one day being bald, or trapped into wearing weaves ALL THE TIME!

Suddenly, the makeup artist from the salon walks outside and begins to approach me because her car was parked next to mine. I forced a smile and said hello, and she began to strike up a conversation with me. And then she said it....I didn't know you were here today! I was so busy upstairs. I see you got your hair twisted...IT LOOKS REALLY PRETTY. In my mind I thought, WHAT?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! But my momma's home training kicked in and I squeaked out a small "thank you". We chatted a bit more, and then she left. I sat in silence for a few moments, and then I wondered....was she an angel sent from God? No, seriously....only God knew the inner torment I was putting myself through. So, I believe he sent that young lady to speak sincere kind words to me.

And I was truly grateful to receive them.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Too Much or Too Little

As I continue to evolve the visualization of my NeoSoul Lifestyle, I often find myself in place of living too much or too little. I thought that to create my life of passion and energy, I would simply need to change my actions. No sense over analyzing things, right?! It's true, I will have to change my actions....but now I'm beginning to see that it is more important to change my thoughts and be more in tune with my intuition and spirit. It is my spirit that will guide me....but in order to be led by my spirit I will need to nurture it. Prayer, meditation, quiet, holy readings......I must be honest, of these things I have done NONE on a consistent basis.

And then there is my lately I have been plagued with colds, low energy, headaches, and insomnia. Sleep, water, healthy food, exercise......this is what my temple needs. Yet again, of these things I have done NONE on a consistent basis.

The NeoSoul Lifestyle changes I've done lately like meeting Twitter friends, socializing at happy hours, getting back in touch with old friends.....are all wonderful experiences....and I'm glad I did them! And I look forward to more!

In reflection, I realize that I did not have the mental or physical stamina to fully live or sustain my NeoSoul Lifestyle, because I had neglected my spirit and temple. So as I take a deep breath......pause.....I speak these words "I will love myself and nurture my soul and spirit everyday. These spiritual and private experiences will be life changing, and will enable me to share my light with others."

Do you feel me?