Monday, December 21, 2009

Let's Talk Hair Exposure - Video

Hi friends! Well, I was hoping that I would surprise you with my first video (that I produced, directed & starred in LOL!)...but I was the one in for the surprise. I can't seem to get it uploaded to the blog. The video is a little rough, but I'd still like to share it with you and get your thoughts! So, I'm trying an alternate route. Click or paste the link below in your URL to see my youtube video:

Sunday, December 20, 2009

A New Day...(insert deep breath)!

Ok, so I must admit that I have repeatedly re-read my first post and was tickled to have my 1st comment too! (LOL-I'm such a newbie). Still, each time I read my post the sincerity of it pricked at my heart. Then I would feel a sense of least I was ready to deal with whatever "this" is.

So what was I was expecting to happen next? A magically glamorous and worldly life as soon a my feet touched the floor this morning? No, I'm a pretty logical gal...but it has hit home that fully experiencing my Neo-Soul Alter Ego begins with me. Yikes!

Today I didn't have anything exciting planned. It was so easy to stay in "because of the snow"...even though it didn't snow at all today! And while I sat on the happened. My Neo-Soul Alter Ego whispered and said to me "Let's go out today. Take your laptop to Busboys & Poets, you know you've been wanting to go for brunch...why follow them on Facebook if you're never gonna go?" I thought, hmmm...I should go, BUT (that's right the BIG BUT) its cold, I need to do some cleaning, need to get some work done, gotta cook....blah, blah, blah!

That's when I realized that this metamorphosis will be an eye-opening and sometimes uncomfortable journey. I didn't realize just how much of a stronghold my "ho-hum" life had over me. Luckily my Neo-Soul Alter Ego was being gentle with me, but I have a feeling that won't always be the case (she can be feisty!).

So, today was a reality check. Yes...I have to work, do laundry, cook, and clean...but I'll do what I gotta do so I CAN DO WHAT WE ( me & my Neo-Soul Alter Ego) WANT TO DO!

So what will be my first steps?.....ok, here it is mini-list of Neo-Soul changes for tomorrow:
  • Go to bed at a decent time tonight (10:30pm is respectable right?) and sleep in my bed
  • Exercise for at least 15 minutes in the morning
  • Pray & Meditate
  • Funk out my new hairdo (got it pressed & pin curled on Friday, don't know what to expect!)

Its a start....ahhhhh, I think I sense my Neo-Soul Alter Ego smiling with approval! I don't want to let her down! Send positive thoughts my way...if you're out there!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

What is a Neo-Soul Alter Ego?

So this is it, the point of no return in writing for all to see, anyone who's interested that is! (shout out to Blogging for Dummies!).....and THANK GOODNESS! It is time to truly experience the life of my Neo-Soul Alter Ego. Still not feeling me yet? Ok, here it is....I'm Angenella, an educated, single, working woman living a "ho-hum" life. Ugh! I've done pretty much what was "expected of me" and it has resulted in a life that goes something like this:
  • Wake up (after pressing snooze several times)
  • Shower
  • Do what I can w/my hair (no make up) & put on what fits
  • Skip breakfast
  • Go to work
  • 50/50 chance of a healthy lunch
  • Stay late at work
  • Pick up dinner (again 50/50 chance of healthy)
  • Go home
  • Check Facebook
  • Put on something with an elastic waistband
  • Fall asleep on the sofa with the TV on
Ok, so EVERYDAY isn't like that exactly. I have some "interesting" moments from time to time. But, unfortunately that was a true reflection of most days...especially Monday-Friday. Now don't get me wrong, I'm grateful for my life. I know there are people with much bigger problems like unemployment, loss of a loved one, life-threatening diseases, and etc. So in comparison, my life is pretty good....BUT I AM NOT WILLING TO SETTLE FOR "PRETTY GOOD" ANYMORE! I just can't take it! And why should I when my Neo-Soul Alter Ego is crying out to be set free!

Now I know that alter egoes are quite trendy these days, thanks to the likes of Sasha Fierce (love her) and Derek Blanks (google him). Some folks treat their alter ego like its someone who is brought to life on demand like a light switch. Well, my Neo-Soul Alter Ego (yet to be named) will not be satisfied with such a limited existence. She insists on experiencing every part of my life in some way, big or small, and from this day forward...I welcome her.

So allow me to introduce "Her", my Neo-Soul Alter Ego. She is vibrant, energetic, flirtacious, radiant, magnetic, authentic, blissfully in love with herself, and full of love to give. She experiences the world through her favorite things like food, fashion, arts/culture, travel, music, and oh I almost (giggle).

And so it begins...the co-existence of Angenella & hmmmm....what shall I call "Her"? Ok, so I haven't figured this all out yet (its new to me too)...but stay with me, I'll figure it out.