Monday, February 21, 2011

Hair Salons...Queendoms or Temples of Doom?

Like most women I look forward to a fresh hairdo! Yet I must say...lately, I haven't found a salon that has given me that "DIVA" feeling. And to be quite honest, it annoys me! Now, to be fair...I can admit that I am VERY sensitive about my hair. I experienced unexplained hairline loss and have been quite traumatized by the ordeal. So when I go to a hair salon, I am anticipating indulging in a fulfilling experience that will soothe my anxiety. Is that too much to ask?

Yet, it seems that there is always SOMETHING lacking in each new salon I try! I have yet to find a salon that has ALL the things I am looking for. For example...a welcoming greeting, the offering of a beverage and light snack, excellent customer services, healthy hair practices, knowledge of new products and trends, versatile styling techniques, cleanliness, beautiful decor, appointment reminders, online booking, social media/website utilization.

It is so disheartening! it just me? Or do other women feel that we (particularly women of color) are being taken advantage of? Overbooking, leaving us under the dryer long than necessary to kill time, over-pricing for mediocore services, and EXTENSIVE WAITING!!! Yet, we continue to go back for more!! Where is the incentive for many of these hair salons to upgrade their business practices?

Now that I have relocated, I dread the experience of trying to find a new hair salon! So I have already decided to supplement my hair salon visits with more at-home care treatments. So I will be watching YouTube tutorials to brush up on my skills! Hmmm...and it will likely help out my budget too.

Yet still, as woman living "The Neo-Soul Lifestyle" can't do EVERYTHING herself! I can't go cold turkey on salon visits! So I would love for you all to share information about the hair salons you love in your city! Let's support those that are doing their best! And we'll have great resource list for those of us who travel quite a bit!

Let's groove while on this hair journey!

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