Friday, April 1, 2011

April Experiment - Day 1 Reflections

So today we begin our lifestyle experiment! Looking forward to share my reflections with you and I hope you'll do the same. Many of you know that the evolution of my NeoSoul Lifestyle is about creative expression through travel, food, and MUSIC! Here's a little something to get you of my favorites!

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  1. Things got off to a rough start because I'm feeling under the weather...

    Detox: Drank gingerale most of the day, but I'm ending it with water. Planning to turn off the gadgets before least put the TV on a sleep timer!

    Restore: 8 hours of sleep, DONE! Reflected on something I want to restore in my life and its DANCE! I danced for years, and rarely do it anymore. I'll research some options during the experiment

    Flow: I didn't make any progress in this area...will definitely work on it tomorrow.

    Karma: I stayed home today, so I didn't encounter any strangers to compliment. Need to finalize my "Thinking of You" package...I really want it to be special.

    Looking forward to the next six days!

    ~Living NeoSoul Style