Saturday, May 14, 2011

My Life Rhythm ~ "Feeling Old?"

Today I went back to my yoga practice.  Let me just say, there is nothing like the practice of yoga to bring you back to the reality of the condition of your body.  No makeup, no spanx, no stilettos...none of the things I use to enhance my look & body image.  With yoga its just me, my body, breath, and mind.  And as the class started I began to feel old, not because of my age because there were plenty of people older than me in the class.  I felt old because movements that I previously did without thinking were almost impossible. 

Now in yoga practice, you are to breathe and honor your body while opening it up to more possibilities. In doing so, your mind becomes clear and for me I experience inner honesty.  In that moment, the truth could not be ignored...I had allowed by body to age beyond its natural years.  Inconsistent sleep, diet, exercise, and stress levels had brought me to this point.

Thankfully, I still honored myself for coming to class and committed to continue and do my best. And as I flowed, my body released and responded to my thoughts.  I was able to do more poses and found myself smiling sometimes in between breaths.

After class I walked home and thought...."What is old?  Had I created a lifestyle that would prematurely age me?"  I reflected on how much of a change my transition from the DC suburbs to Toronto urban lifestyle.  It was a bit of a shock. I wanted the change, and I simply thought it would be easier.  But it wasn't...a smaller living space, walking everywhere, public transportation, eco-living and more.  I felt old trying to find my rhythm in my new world. 

Yes...I had let a few elements of my life get a bit rusty.  So I am in a place of evolution. Thankful for aging because it means that I have the gift of life.  Now, I'm reviving a youthful spirit and focused on creating my NeoSoul Lifestyle. A lifestyle of experiencing the things I love more, friends, travel, music, & food! And having the physical, mental, and emotional strength and stamina to experience it all!

Have you ever felt like your lifestyle is aging you?  

Let's take a message from the lyrics of Rod Stewart....

~Living NeoSoul Style

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