Wednesday, June 1, 2011

June Experiment

Wow! It's June....we are in the mid-point of the year.  How are things going? Is your life the way (or heading in the direction) you envisioned it? Has unexepected joy or obstacles come into your life?  Has your life perspective changed? Do you remember your vision?

This month I thought we would take a different approach to our lifestyle experiment and reset and/or affirm the process of changing our lifestyles.  So, you know that it is my hope that each of you would create your own NeoSoul Lifestyle, and I thought that his quick writing exercise may help you design it.  I'll share mine with you...

1.  Create An Introductory Statement Describing Why You Are Creating A NeoSoul Lifestyle

"Creating my NeoSoul Lifestyle is the process of transitioning my lifestyle built primarily on obligations, social/familial pressures, mediocrity, monotony.  Yes I have a good life", I've acheived successes and overcome obstacles. Yet, I am seeking holistic fulfillment, particularly through creative expression."

2.  Use The Experiment Elements To Plan Your Change Process

"In order to create my NeoSoul Lifestyle I will need to DETOXIFY my life of accepting disorderliness (specifically paperwork), and procrastination.  These two things impact several areas of my life and by focusing on eliminating them I'll re-purpose the energy that is being used on resolving the problems caused by accepting disorder and procrastination in my life."

I will RESTORE a mindset of discipline without ridgidity. I will put this mindset into action into two (2) specific areas in my and wealth.  Focus in these areas will be continuous by creating FLOW through simple practical actions:
  • Bicycling to work 3xs per week
  • Decreasing dining out
  • Updating Quicken weekly

I believe that my spirit will be relieved by this process and I will be more capable of creating positive KARMA in a more impactful way. I enjoy random acts of kindness, but I would like to channel some value into a more developed initiative.

So there it is...this is the place that I am in.  What about you? What do you need to detox? Restore? What actions should you take to create a positive flow in your life? How can you be of more value to other by creating Karma?

The challenge this month...pause and write your NeoSoul Lifestyle mantra.  Let me know if you need more ideas. And if you feel comfortable, please share your thoughts!