Sunday, April 17, 2011

Project Playlist ~ Morning Inspiration

I finally bought my iPod Touch, and to quote Conya Doss "I'll never be the same" (Blu Transition album).  Some people are movie or TV buffs, I like them too...but there is nothing like music.  In my lifestyle, music keeps me in a rhythmic flow whereas movie and TV have a tendency to draw me in and decrease my productivity.  Not music! My days are better when I wake up to it instead of listening to a depressing news story. Traffic is less stressful, work isn't as dull, housecleaning isn't such torture.  And less not forget how music enhances a romantic evening, a spades game, and cookout!

I'm so excited to get my playlists started! So, I'm starting Project Playlist!  Each week I'll be creating a new playlist and invite you to share music with me that should be added to the playlist.  To start things off, the first playlist is called Morning Insipration. This playlist is designed to get my morning off to a state of feeling blessed, calm, hopeful, and thankful for a new day. 

When I thought of this song, I immediately thought of  Fred Hammond's "Blessed".  This song is iconic!  Can't wait to see what your suggestions are!

~Living NeoSoul Style


  1. Cool. Check me out on Ping itunes, got some good stuff & playlists you can add.Music is the key.

  2. Zo! - Greater Than The Sun feat. Phonte | Official Music Video"

  3. Gentlmen you both picked two excellent choices!