Tuesday, August 3, 2010

NeoSoul Experiment - Day 3 Reflection

Are you starting to catch a rhythm? Are you finding it difficult to stay on track? Did you think it would be easier?

As for me........
I am realizing that I an experiencing quite a bit of stress, and that creating self-care rituals is critical to my well being. Today was a roller coaster ride. I had an important meeting at work and gave it 100%! It was a success, yet I was drained the rest of the day and found it difficult to stay focused.

I wondered why I was feeling lackluster, then I realized that I had only gotten a little sleep the night before, minimal water, and no time for meditation. Yikes!

Creating my NeoSoul Lifestyle, is serious y'all.....so glad this experience is enlightening me. I realize that the evolution will truly be a journey.

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  1. Day 3 of the #NeoSoulLife Experiment

    But I awake feeling well rested and at peace. I spend a few minutes in prayer and then make my way through the day. I balk a little bit less about going to work, only a little.

    It would be helpful if I knew what I was wearing when I woke up, thus picking out the outfit the night before. These are things I should do, I've known these tricks for years. Why am I not implementing them?

    I also know that I should have food in the house for breakfast. It's called breaking the fast for a reason. If I expect my body to perform at top levels, I know I have to give it proper fuel. And exercise. I didn't make it home for a walk before the end of daylight, so I had to skip that. My plan is to make it to Yoga today. That should address the Flow. As far as Karma is concerned, I finished up some thank you notes that were due.