Monday, August 2, 2010

NeoSoul Experiment - Day 1 Reflection

Take a moment to reflect on yesterday (8/1), the FIRST day of The NeoSoul Lifestyle Experiment! Did you jump right in on the practices? Did you pick a few to focus on? Did you forget? Share your comments!

As for me......I didn't hit it on all cyclinders yesterday.

I was attending a concert last night and as usual I was rushing to get dressed! (Unfortunately you have to try on half of your closet to see what fits when you've put on more than a few pounds! But I digress.....) So, I didn't make my bed for my return later in the evening. Once I did get home, I talked to a friend on the phone until I drifted off to sleep for about six hours. But I didn't fall alseep on the sofa!

I got in less than 1/2 of my water intake. I took out the extra shoes, work folders, and bags in my car. I also cleaned my bathroom and gave it a few spa-like touches!

I felt very relaxed most of the day....yet my quiet time wasn't planned so I thought about a lot of things, yet need still need to write down specific goals.

I intentionally sent my friend a thank you text for inviting me to a concert. After the concert, I complimented both the artist and promoter on their show.

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