Friday, June 4, 2010

You Never Know From Where A Kind Word Will Come

Today, I was a little moody. Yes, I was feeling better....finally healing from a horrible string of colds/flu. I was feeling a little blah and figured that I would go and get my hair done as a pick-me-up! Ladies...I'm not the only one who does this, right?!

Anyway, the thing is that I have an insecurity about my hair. About five years ago I started to notice some hair loss. IT FREAKED ME OUT! At first, my stylist said, "Don't worry, it'll grow back"....I listened, but my hair didn't! So, I made the big decision to stop relaxing my hair....and went au natural! The transition wasn't as hard as I thought it would be, the most difficult part was getting my family used to it. But I digress.......

So I went into the hair salon today, looking a hot mess! And I was panic stricken! I was absolutely certain that I was noticing more hair loss! This was something I just did not want to face. I started to feel the tears in my eyes.....pure drama!

Thank goodness my hair stylist is kind. She reminded me that I needed to follow up w/a doctor to get to the root of the issue. And thank goodness one of the best in the country (Dr. Monte Harris) is right here in the DMV. So I made the appointment...yet still had to face the present state.....this hair thing was affecting my swagger! My psyche just could not take that!

So my stylist and I agreed to cut my hair some to even it out, and keep the styling simple with a twist out style. I was so relieved to be taking the right steps, but.....when I saw my finished hairdo, my heart sank. I didn't have the fresh out the salon glow that I was hoping for. This time, a few tears rolled down my face. I didn't want to make a scene in the salon, so I quickly pulled myself together and got out of there! Once I got in my car, all I could do was sit there! I felt betrayed by my hair. I felt like my beauty was being taken away from me one hair follicle at a time. I was horrified at the thought of one day being bald, or trapped into wearing weaves ALL THE TIME!

Suddenly, the makeup artist from the salon walks outside and begins to approach me because her car was parked next to mine. I forced a smile and said hello, and she began to strike up a conversation with me. And then she said it....I didn't know you were here today! I was so busy upstairs. I see you got your hair twisted...IT LOOKS REALLY PRETTY. In my mind I thought, WHAT?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! But my momma's home training kicked in and I squeaked out a small "thank you". We chatted a bit more, and then she left. I sat in silence for a few moments, and then I wondered....was she an angel sent from God? No, seriously....only God knew the inner torment I was putting myself through. So, I believe he sent that young lady to speak sincere kind words to me.

And I was truly grateful to receive them.


  1. Hey lady! I know the drama that we face re: our hair but just wanted to let you know that you ALWAYS look beautiful to me! Hair loss is a hard thing to deal with, especially for women, b/c most of us aren't going to just cut it all off. Also, men tend to place a premium on hair length, which doesn't make it any easier. Be it a short 'do, braids, weave, wigs, whatever - ultimately you will just have to make the best decision for you. Just know that, as a friend, I support you in your journey.

  2. Thank you friend! Many people don't understand, and I appreciate you!