Monday, June 21, 2010

What is NeoSoul Alter Ego about?

As I continue on my journey as social media butterfly, I often meet folks and get the question "So, what is NeoSoul Alter Ego all about?" What I can tell you is that I BELIEVE that each of us has a NeoSoul Alter Ego. But let me tell you a little bit about how I become "aware" of mine.....

In general I am a reflective person, I take in what I experience in life and allow my mind to flow freely to inter-lace with my imagination, emotions, and logic. Yet there came a time when I wasn't satisfied solely with the reflective process. I was able to visualize the life I wanted, but wasn't CREATING it! I was performing to the roles, positions and/or siuations that my life required....instead of experiencing life through MY WHOLE SELF.

Somehow on my life journey, I had allowed myself to have an ON/OFF button for my public self and my FREE SELF (aka NeoSoul Alter Ego). It was like I was juggling the personalities of Murphy Brown (workaholic), Jill Scott (expressive spirit), and Joan Clayton (status quo lonely sista girl)! And I just could not live that way anymore.......My spirit was unsettled, and it was causing me physical pain, emotional numbness, and a overwhelming anxiety of the possible manifestation of my worst fear....A LIFE OF MEDIOCRITY!

I committed to myself that I would live the life I visualized (had even put it on a vision board!) and that I would no longer marginalize the true essence of myself in any area of my life. All of those personalities (and more) were a part of me, some good & bad...yet together they made me eccentric and unique! And I LOVE that! Whereas jumping in and out of the personalities "as my schedule permitted" was just like a person dancing totally off beat to the rhythm of my life.

So initially, my blog was a creative expression to share my experiences as I learned to allow my NeoSoul Alter Ego to emerge. Then as I began to share and meet with folks I found that there were others who also found their lives to be in some sort of a paralysis state, and wanted to engage and change.....and so my NeoSoul Alter Ego became an interactive experience called The NeoSoul Lifestyle! As a part of this lifestyle experiment, I invite folks to participate in things such as:

-Monthly Lifestyle Experiments
-1st Time Challenges
-Quick Change Pick-Me-Ups

As an evolving community,The NeoSoul Lifestyle empowers folks to individually and/or collectively:
-Seek soulful reflections
-Create a plan of change
-Enjoy the process of becoming
-Share the experiences

So are you thinking....."Is she some sort of new-age guru?" I hope not, because that isn't me at all. I am simply a person that wants to live life in a new and more fulfilling way.

So there it is.....a little insight into the NeoSoul Alter Ego!


  1. Cool! I like the Neo Soul Lifestyle movement you're starting.

  2. Thank You! I am enjoying the experience! Its not always fun...when you reflect you re-discover the good, bad, & ugly about your self! But its an authentic experience that you can you forward! I hope to see you engaged in the movement! Follow me on Twitter!

  3. I love it! I totally want to, make that NEED to, be a part of this movement. Sign me up, baby! Now all we need is for you to get a "neo" avatar. :o) Love ya, much!

  4. Love the new design! I truly appreciate NEO SOUL ALTER EGO - I have seen HER in action and SHE is contagious!!

  5. I'm so happy to have found this from twitter and get started on this journey with you. I'm doing the same introspective thinking and hoping to define what my #NeoSoulLifestyle would include. Thanks for the post. It's part of a greater journey. I'm so happy you defined it for yourself and for us to all get started. I enjoy your tweets.