Tuesday, June 8, 2010

It's June - New Year's Resolution Check In!

As I was relaxing during an aromatherapy experience, I smiled to myself as I thought about a few of the NeoSoul Lifestyle changes that I had made in the past few days....and then it hit me! It's June! I'm already halfway into the year! Yikes! How much progress had I made towards my resolutions...in fact, what the heck were they? Oh, Lawd! I started to feel a wave of anxiety.....so I re-centered myself and calmed my mind, and breathed deeply.

Now, as I write...I'm trying to recall just exactly what my resolutions were. Well, that's Mistake #1, I didn't write them down! So, now that I've acknowledged that mistake, I will change to manifest a different result.

So my resolutions for this year are:
-Have daily morning prayer
-Lose 30 pounds
-Use quicken weekly to manage my finances
-Become a blogger
-Have more fun

Hmmm....I LOVE MY RESOLUTIONS! They are simple and sustainable! If....I mean, WHEN I commit to them I know they will guide me into the next phase of my NeoSoul Lifestyle Remix!

So far, I've made a little progress with each of them....but its time to stop trying and START DOING. (De'ja Vu - This week I've read so many tweets, and had a discussion about the difference between trying & doing. Clearly my mind was being prepared for this very moment!) The small steps that I have made toward my resolutions so far have brought me some moments of happiness. Yet, now that I have re-dedicated myself to my resolutions....I am filled with hope and excitement about how this COMMITMENT WILL CHANGE MY LIFE!

I also know that I will experience some inner turmoil as well, as I will need to overcome and completely conquer my biggest adversary.....myself. I will need to renew my spirit daily, especially during challenging times. One thing I am certain of, I am no longer willing to live in mediocrity in the present or to sacrifice my future!

2010 - The first year of a new decade of my life! I know my best days are ahead of me. All that I have lost will be restored + an abundance more!

Tell me.....what were your 2010 resolutions? Have you done a mid-year check-in? What's next for you?


  1. ha! one of my goals for the year was to create a vision board. i got all the materials but never sat down to make it happen. however this midyear point is a good place to start to make attainable goals.

  2. I love vision boards! Let me know how it turns out!