Thursday, June 3, 2010

Too Much or Too Little

As I continue to evolve the visualization of my NeoSoul Lifestyle, I often find myself in place of living too much or too little. I thought that to create my life of passion and energy, I would simply need to change my actions. No sense over analyzing things, right?! It's true, I will have to change my actions....but now I'm beginning to see that it is more important to change my thoughts and be more in tune with my intuition and spirit. It is my spirit that will guide me....but in order to be led by my spirit I will need to nurture it. Prayer, meditation, quiet, holy readings......I must be honest, of these things I have done NONE on a consistent basis.

And then there is my lately I have been plagued with colds, low energy, headaches, and insomnia. Sleep, water, healthy food, exercise......this is what my temple needs. Yet again, of these things I have done NONE on a consistent basis.

The NeoSoul Lifestyle changes I've done lately like meeting Twitter friends, socializing at happy hours, getting back in touch with old friends.....are all wonderful experiences....and I'm glad I did them! And I look forward to more!

In reflection, I realize that I did not have the mental or physical stamina to fully live or sustain my NeoSoul Lifestyle, because I had neglected my spirit and temple. So as I take a deep breath......pause.....I speak these words "I will love myself and nurture my soul and spirit everyday. These spiritual and private experiences will be life changing, and will enable me to share my light with others."

Do you feel me?

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  1. Yes. I feel you and hear you loud and clear. It appears that you are taking a more inside-out approach, opposed to expecting the outside to become your inner being. Well, maybe I shouldn't use the word "expect."

    Desire, I should say.