Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Habits....Let's Try This Again!

The power of social of my Twitter friends called me out my abrupt end of updates on the 30-day challenge, AFTER DAY 2! Good grief! Yes, I've been busy but I need to stick to a plan. So here I go again....send positive vibes y'all!

This time, I will include the tasks for seven (7) days and will post comments on my progress....

Day 1 Habit - Make A To Do List
What you write down gets done. Start with a blank piece of paper and write your to do's for the next seven days. Be sure the list is inclusive (work, family, home, and YOU)!

Day 2 Habit - Pick The Three Most Important Items On Your List
Choose and mark the most important three tasks on your to do list today. Be sure to puth them in rank order of importance. Now go cross those three things off your list! No procrastinating....GO!

Day 3 Habit - Cross Something Off Your List
Let's lighten the load. Cross off any non-critical item from your to do list. Be ruthless! If you aren't, those items will just take up mind-space with a nagging "hey, what about me?" and distract you from what REALLY needs to get done.

Day 4 Habit - Set Deadlines For Your To Do List
Prevent to do list procrastination! Assign deadlines to the things on your list. Set times by which you must make phone calls, arrive places, or submit things. For more general to do's, make a note as to whether or not the task must be done the same day.

Day 5 Habit - Pick A Problem Room & Identify The Pinch Point
The pinch point is the one thing that prevents everything from running smoothly when it's not in order. So, if the laundry room is your problem area, look for the source of the problem (one big pile, no detergent, etc) and tend to that first. Once you eliminate the pinch point, you'll be amazed how quickly everything falls into place.

Day 6 Habit - Fix The Pinch Point
See it. Fix it! If the pinch point in your laundry room is clothing buildup because you're out of detergent, then keep your soap out where you can see it. Visual reminders help keep your necessary tasks top of mind, so they'll be fixed faster.

Day 7 Habit - Set Up A Mail Center
Mail's here! To keep things organized, set up a mail center in the foyer or hallway right by your mailbox. First, get rid of all that junk mail by setting a stylish recycling bin beside your mail center. In the hallway or by your mailbox, try a wooden mail depot with different compartments for each family member, plus a separate compartment for magazines and catalogs.

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  1. Great post! You "came down my street" on this one. I am sharing this one pronto!!!!!