Monday, October 11, 2010

Day 2: Change & The Power of Habits

Day 1 Recap:
I did it! I created a week of To Do's. I decided to use my Google calendar, because it has a task element as well. The tough part was trying to remember all of the things I needed to do.....thus the reason for WRITING a list huh?! Then as the To Do's began to roll through my mind, I couldn't get them to stop and had to remind myself....what needs to get done THIS WEEK. But, nevertheless....I DID IT! Whew!

Habit Former - Day 2: Pick The Three Most Important Items On Your List
Description: Choose and mark the most important three tasks on your to do list today. Be sure to put them in rank order of importance. Now go do what you need to do to cross those three things off your list! No procrastinating...GO!


  1. I use the task list in my gmail and there's a written "to-do" list. Since the internet and the social media sites are similar to "rabbit holes" of information, a quick glance at the written "to-to" list quickly reprioritizes my attention on important goals.

  2. @Sanura You found a way to print out the gmail task list?! Do tell!