Sunday, October 10, 2010

Change and The Power of Habits

I tend to think BIG, and give little thought to the details of life. Yet I know that taking care of the small things will allow the BIG things to manifest and flourish. Now keep in mind, I said "I know"....not that "I do" take care of the details.

As I think about this.....I wonder how much time and money have I lost due to my resistance to the little mundane (yet necessary) things in life. How much stress have I caused myself and others by forgetting? Being late? How many opportunities have I missed?

At different times I have tried to re-invent myself into a person that is all about the details. You know the type....the person that has a list for EVERYTHING, doesn't take a step without a detailed plan, ALWAYS on time & prepared w/extra to share....essentially the "Type A" personality.

I would have a little success, but it was not sustainable as a part of my lifestyle. For me, trying to create this "Type A" persona was too much of a simply is not who I am. For a while, I allowed myself to believe that I was destined to be a person that would need to be comfortable with a quiet simmer of chaos in life while doing the BIG things.

Now I realize that the simmer of the little things left undone, can come to a intensifying boil. So, I am choosing to live differently. There are so many wonderful things on the horizon and I will not allow the little things to diminish or detroy them. I am inspired by the Autumn is the season of change and transformation. This is the time to do things in a new way. I am also motivated by my aspiration to want to close 2010 on a strong & positive flow to create momentum for 2011.

So I am filled with inspiration and motivation, and then thought...."Yikes! Now I have to create a detailed plan TO DO IT!" I knew I would need a jumpstart to get me on the right track. So I purchased these cards called Habit Formers ( The purpose of these cards are to provide you with a specific tasks to do each day for thirty (30) days. Then at the end of the thirty you should be off to a good start of a more organized life!

So, I'm going to do it! Join me if you like!

Habit Former - Day 1: Make A To Do List For The Week
Description: What you write down gets done. Start with a blank piece of paper and write your to do's for the next seven (7) days. Be sure the list is inclusive (work,family/home...and don't forget you personally!)

Whew, I already have some anxiety just thinking of everything that I need to do. Sigh, but I guess the key here is not to get overwhelmed by EVERYTHING that needs to be done. I simply need to determine what needs to be done this week. Ok, I CAN DO THIS! Send positive vibes my way!


  1. You definitely have my support this week!

    I find that starting small helps me. I got a new planner that has a to-do list for each day. And whatever I dont get done that day gets forwarded to the next day.

  2. This can be overwhelming...but so, so helpful!

  3. Positive vibes your way.

    I'm going to check out these cards you speak of. Sounds interesting

  4. @Laila Yes, starting small is helpful. I have to force myself from going to big too fast! Keep up posted on how your planner is working for you!

    @Mama Brandi Yes, I have a little anxiety about having a task for EVERYDAY for 30 days....but I think the experience will be worth it~

    @Creativeseven Thanks for the positive vibes! I bought the cards at the Franklin Covey store, but you can buy them online with the link I provided.