Sunday, September 12, 2010

Life Is Happening!

Today was different...its difficult to describe. I woke up from my cozy bed without an alarm clock. I put on my clothes and smiled at my reflection in the mirror. I was on time....NO, I WAS EARLY for a brunch appointment. I enjoyed and savored my meal. I was inspired by the business brainstorming conversation, and surprised by my passion as I discussed my vision. I took time to stroll the National Harbor. I blushed & said thank you to compliments of my presence. I explored shops and chatted with owners. I bumped into a friend and we made plans to get together. My ATM card that I lost was returned to me. I got a call confirming the reinstatement of my drycleaning delivery service. It was a day filled with simple pleasures.

I felt alive....different! I am changing my life!


  1. It's those simple pleasures that will make a day. Hope the rest of your week is lovely, too.

  2. Yes they truly do! Enjoy your week and keep your eyes open for those simple pleasures! Better yet, create them in your life!