Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Dating Experiment

Those of you who really know me, know that I love to do things in an alternative or creative way. Earlier this summer I was inspired by a piece in Essence magazine where the relationships editor participated in a summer dating challenge....did y'all read that? Well, anyway....she created a circle of trusted friends (including her MOM!) to put her on blind dates! Check out

I thought it was an interesting approach to the dating game, and wondered if I could incorporate it into my NeoSoul Lifestyle. And, guess what?! I did!

So here's how I remixed it for me.....

I invited a circle of women to my home for brunch to interview me about my dating life and what I hope to experience from this experiment! I selected women that I KNOW have a true appreciation for love, marriage, and relationships.....most importantly THEY KEEP IT REAL! You can follow them on Twitter at:
And if you're not already...follow me @NeoSoulAlterEgo !

These ladies will also help me to spruce up my online dating profiles too...I think they are in for a shock to really see what the single life is all about these days!

After our brainstorming session, these ladies...which I will now refer to as "The Counsel" will set me up on blind dates in September. And of course...I'll be blogging and tweeting along the way!

Oh....and keep an eye on my friend Rosetta @happyblackwoman or because she is doing an Extreme Online Dating Experiment!

So send me positive vibes y'all! The NeoSoul Lifestyle remix is in full effect!


  1. So excited for you! I hope The Counsel finds you some great guys :)

  2. Oooh good to find out who the counsel is. Good luck on this great experiment

  3. @ Rosetta - Thank you! I think they will!

    @ Christen - Thank you! I'm nervous & excited!