Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Little Things...

As I continue on my path of creating a NeoSoul Lifestyle, I'm becoming more aware of how even the smallest changes positively impact my life. I thought I would share a few that I 've done recently....

1. Added color coded rings to my keys = No more fumbling at the door!
2. Keep a packed gym bag in the car = Now I'm always ready for a workout!
3. No wearing of shoes in my house = Less dirt so, less sweeping and vacumming!
4. Less TV = Time for leisure reading, a nap, or CEO of Me to-do list!

The best things about these small changes are their simplicity, ease of sustainability, and the immediate sense of gratification that I am evolving into my NeoSoul Lifestyle.

I often find that so many folks (including me) look for the BIG change with all the right intentions, yet become frustrated, fatigued, and get off track very quickly in the process (i.e. New Year's Resolutions).

The NeoSoul Lifestyle encourages you to make gradual changes to increase the probability of sustainability in your life....and then we sprinkle in a few radical changes too just to give a little spice to your life!

What little changes have you made lately? How did they change the way you live?

Or, if your stuck in a rut....what little changes have you considered making? Why did you select those changes? Share your thoughts! We'd love to hear them!

Still think you'll need a little push.....well, you are invited to engage in The NeoSoulLifestyle 1st Monthly Experiment August 1-7! Subscribe to the blog for more details coming soon!


  1. Great post. I need to get w/ #1 & #7. I'm working on somethings in my world and my frustration (mainly w/ myself) is getting the best of me. I suffer from being a perfectionist & when I fall behind on things, I tend to throw the towel in.

  2. Thank you for sharing!I have suffered from being a procrastinator, and used to dream of becoming a I've learned that both can be paralyzing!

  3. You are brilliant! I'm starting the Detox program first thing in the a.m. Thanks for your wonderful ideas.