Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Let's Catch Up

Ok so we need to catch up y'all......so here's a few things I did in January to put my LIFE REMIX IN FULL EFFECT!

Well, I finally made it to spoken word at Busboys & Poets... and WOW there are really some talented poets out there! What makes them think of that stuff! It was also nice that the host was a cutie (giggle), I flexed my flirting muscles a bit (goodness knows they are out of shape!) I will be going back again!

I also met up w/a friend for brunch at a new spot (Ulah in DC), good food & good conversation. Nuff said.

I cleaned out my closet, doesn't sound exciting right? Well, it was a part of my cleansing and detox. Removing things in my life before I add more into it! I was sick and tired of looking in the closet and seeing all those different sizes and "frumpy" clothes that I was hanging on to "until I lose weight"! What's the point? To be perfectly honest, its depressing.

After I decided to clean the closet, I ran across an idea about a swap party. I figured why not spread the love and make it fun. So, I invited a few friends over to clean out their closets and we could swap items and take the rest to a charitiable organization. I thought it would be fun....social, "free shopping," food, music.....well, I think I was a little ambitious. Folks said it was a good idea but only two were able to make it....and we had a great time! I'm learning that being social is not as easy as it looks.

Oooooo, here's the really juicy stuff(that I'm quite proud of I must say)! I went to speed dating for the first time! I was a little nervous, but surprisingly at ease too. I sauntered in with a smile and just relaxed. You have to sign up in advance because ususally these events sell out for wome quickly, and then marketed w/the tag "more men needed" the week prior to the event (unbelieveable!). It was a whirlwind dating experience, and everyone looks great by candlelight. I did my research before I arrived...and good thing. I came away some great tips and conversation starters. It was fun, and I did get a few follow up interests from about 4 gentlemen. No love connections and I think two of the gentlemen were friends and were trading discussion about their conversations with me. So no dates..but got my feet wet.

So it made me think, maybe I should diversify my dating portfolio...speed dating, online dating, friend match ups, and I'm even thinking of giving a matchmaking service a try.

Started personal training too....oh my goodness! Me and epsom salt baths became best friends. I can't say that I am on my "A" game with the fitness & nutrition routine yet but progress is in motion.

Speaking of nutrition...I've been cooking more too and skipping the fast food drive thru window. I must admit the kitchen skills still need work! They make it look so easy on Food Network!

So, when I look back....I made some strides in January. What I'm really learning is that my Neo-Soul Life takes energy! So as Diddy says "Can't stop, won't stop"!

One last thing.....I really think I need to name my Neo-Soul Alter Ego. I think that will really bring her to life! What do y'all think?


  1. You know I'm ALL FOR diversifying your portfolio. I've coined a term called "No Limit" dating...after your personal values have been matched, nothing (characteristic-wise) should restrict you. Additionally, I agree you should use every platform possible to find love.

  2. What a catchy phrase "No Limit Dating", (I hear the No Limit Soliders bass in the background)! Thanks for the affirmation!