Saturday, February 6, 2010

Its My Birthday! Where did the time go?

Hey Yall! Its been a minute since the last time I blogged (shame on me), and my how time flies! So, what brought me back to blogging today? Its my birthday and I'm snowed in! I'm usually reflective on my birthday, and being snowed stopped me from frantically chasing my oh so powerful "to do" list!

So, today my reflection taught me to not allow my priorities to become "optional" when up against the flurries of so-called "obligations". My beloved blog, how could I have allowed its seedling garden to be choked by the weeds of my ho hum routine? Am I intimidated by the responsibility of my own journey, and the gift of sharing it with others? It is overwhelming, alarmingly full exposure, freeing, and frightening....BUT I LOVE IT! So I will continue, and to my surprise when I returned two followers where there to greet me!

Oh the power of bad habits and routine! So I summon the spirit of my Neo-Soul Alter Ego with all her ferocity, strength, and vigor to truly breathe new life into my LIFESTYLE.

Next post....I'll get yall caught up on what's been happening!

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