Friday, January 8, 2010

I'm Feelin' "Some Kinda Way"!

Brace yourselves...I imgagine that this won't be my happiest post ever. I've got the blues. I skipped my workout Thursday, and worked late instead (and I still didn't make much of a dent in my To Do List). Then I fell asleep on the sofa with the TV on, a big NO, NO for me! Woke up groggy, sore, and behind schedule on Friday. Next, I proceeded to do the following:
-Didn't drink any water all day
-Snacked on potato chips
-Had nachos for lunch
-Worked late again, and the To Do List still grows (sigh)
-Bought junk food from CVS
-Got a combo meal from Micky D's

While all this went on Friday, twice I was confronted with a quote that essentially says "Excellence is not an act, its a habit". Surely I was meant to marinate on this. Habits are hard to break, they are very powerful. As I reflect on my poor choices (particularly seeing it in writing), I realize that one bad decision can easily and quickly lead to another. I'm also beginning to believe these bad habits can wear on my emotions too. I was feeling....blah. Started to think about being lonely, overweight, and plain, and boring. On another note, I think I'm PMSing too! I think I will research some herbal remedies.

So as my emotions began to build inside me and I felt a tear begin to form, I asked myself "What should I do now"? So I wrote, and I feel a little better. Thank goodness!

Next, I will go to sleep in my bed. Then I will wake up, eat breakfast, and then go workout at boot camp (shout out to my workout buddy Leticia)! After that, I'm not sure but I hope to feel even better! I believe I will......

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