Saturday, February 20, 2010

Spread Love Y'all!

This year I keep hearing myself say (or write), "Spread Love Y'all"....and I really feel passionate about it. I've been reflecting on how I've been living and I realized that I had been taking love for of God, family, friends, and the simple pleasures of life! I was too focused on not yet having "THE LOVE" of my life. When you live like that, it dulls your spirit. Colors don't seem as bright, music doesn't move you in the same way, food doesn't taste as good. Well, you feel me, right?!

Then I experienced an awakening as I approached the close of 2009, the new year of 2010, and my birthday....and it was simply this. I have a lot of love to give, and I want to express it, live it, and share my life fully and boldly with the world! Why hold it in while waiting for "THE LOVE"? That's just not natural, in fact it felt like I was suffocating. Can you imagine that?

As I experienced this awakening, I then began to look at people in a different way. I saw the dull (and sometimes broken) spirits within them, and I felt their pain. Even if they didn't realize they were experiencing it, I knew...and it saddened me.

My heart spoke to my mind, and I knew I wanted to help others while remixing my own life. So I thought, "What should I do? ". Well I'm no social worker, so I had to keep it simple.....'cause hey I'm new to this Living & Loving thang too!

So here's what I've decided....I will practice random acts of kindness. No sense re-creating the wheel right?! It works! And I've already gotten started, just doing simple things like:

-Smiling (such a small thing, with so much power!)
-Giving away compliments (its free!)
-Greeting strangers with "Hello!", "Good Morning!", or "Have a Good Night!"

Its amazing how good these small things make me feel, and I truly enjoy each day more! And, you wouldn't believe some of the reactions I've gotten! Some people respond with the same cheerfulness, BUT others seem totally shocked, and the most funny are the ones who look at me confused...truly there are some folks out there experiencing love malnutrition! So, I'll continue to drop some healthy doses of dietary love supplements!

So, future posts on this page will highlight my random acts of kindness or those that I receive from folks. I hope you'll be be inspired to join me on this journey! Who knows, maybe the chain impact our kindness will reach one another! C'mon...Spread Love Y'all (and your comments too!)

Friday, February 12, 2010

Real Quick - Twitter Updates! :-)

Ok, really quick....learning a little more about enhancing my blog experience for both you and me! Added my twitter updates so y'all can see my thoughts in between posts. The linkages between tweets & posts should be interesting! And, (insert deep breath)...I'll be adding twitpics too!!! I'm ready for full exposure (ok I do need a little privacy) in written word, camera snapshots, and video clips! Ready to live and share in living color!

My Neo-Soul Life Remix is in FULL EFFECT y'all!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Let's Catch Up

Ok so we need to catch up y' here's a few things I did in January to put my LIFE REMIX IN FULL EFFECT!

Well, I finally made it to spoken word at Busboys & Poets... and WOW there are really some talented poets out there! What makes them think of that stuff! It was also nice that the host was a cutie (giggle), I flexed my flirting muscles a bit (goodness knows they are out of shape!) I will be going back again!

I also met up w/a friend for brunch at a new spot (Ulah in DC), good food & good conversation. Nuff said.

I cleaned out my closet, doesn't sound exciting right? Well, it was a part of my cleansing and detox. Removing things in my life before I add more into it! I was sick and tired of looking in the closet and seeing all those different sizes and "frumpy" clothes that I was hanging on to "until I lose weight"! What's the point? To be perfectly honest, its depressing.

After I decided to clean the closet, I ran across an idea about a swap party. I figured why not spread the love and make it fun. So, I invited a few friends over to clean out their closets and we could swap items and take the rest to a charitiable organization. I thought it would be, "free shopping," food, music.....well, I think I was a little ambitious. Folks said it was a good idea but only two were able to make it....and we had a great time! I'm learning that being social is not as easy as it looks.

Oooooo, here's the really juicy stuff(that I'm quite proud of I must say)! I went to speed dating for the first time! I was a little nervous, but surprisingly at ease too. I sauntered in with a smile and just relaxed. You have to sign up in advance because ususally these events sell out for wome quickly, and then marketed w/the tag "more men needed" the week prior to the event (unbelieveable!). It was a whirlwind dating experience, and everyone looks great by candlelight. I did my research before I arrived...and good thing. I came away some great tips and conversation starters. It was fun, and I did get a few follow up interests from about 4 gentlemen. No love connections and I think two of the gentlemen were friends and were trading discussion about their conversations with me. So no dates..but got my feet wet.

So it made me think, maybe I should diversify my dating portfolio...speed dating, online dating, friend match ups, and I'm even thinking of giving a matchmaking service a try.

Started personal training too....oh my goodness! Me and epsom salt baths became best friends. I can't say that I am on my "A" game with the fitness & nutrition routine yet but progress is in motion.

Speaking of nutrition...I've been cooking more too and skipping the fast food drive thru window. I must admit the kitchen skills still need work! They make it look so easy on Food Network!

So, when I look back....I made some strides in January. What I'm really learning is that my Neo-Soul Life takes energy! So as Diddy says "Can't stop, won't stop"!

One last thing.....I really think I need to name my Neo-Soul Alter Ego. I think that will really bring her to life! What do y'all think?

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Its My Birthday! Where did the time go?

Hey Yall! Its been a minute since the last time I blogged (shame on me), and my how time flies! So, what brought me back to blogging today? Its my birthday and I'm snowed in! I'm usually reflective on my birthday, and being snowed stopped me from frantically chasing my oh so powerful "to do" list!

So, today my reflection taught me to not allow my priorities to become "optional" when up against the flurries of so-called "obligations". My beloved blog, how could I have allowed its seedling garden to be choked by the weeds of my ho hum routine? Am I intimidated by the responsibility of my own journey, and the gift of sharing it with others? It is overwhelming, alarmingly full exposure, freeing, and frightening....BUT I LOVE IT! So I will continue, and to my surprise when I returned two followers where there to greet me!

Oh the power of bad habits and routine! So I summon the spirit of my Neo-Soul Alter Ego with all her ferocity, strength, and vigor to truly breathe new life into my LIFESTYLE.

Next post....I'll get yall caught up on what's been happening!